The Novelista Writing, Editing and Creating the Novel

Welcome to The Novelista. This blog is designed to discuss, compress and decompress about all the trials and tribulations, the highs and the lows of the act of writing a novel. Writing a novel has always been for me a spiritual experience but it has also been a get your hands in the dirt and do the hard work experience as well. This blog is designed to  connect with other writers about the process, from inspiration to the final draft, of writing a novel. This blog is also designed to discuss the aftermath of writing a novel. The finding of an agent, the dealing with rejection, the highs of finding an agent, the lows of still not getting a contract. Should you self publish? How does that work? I have been on all sides of this proverbial fence and I hope to offer insights and advice for writers seasoned and starting on all the stages of working on a longer piece of work.

As for myself, hello, my name is Jessica Stilling. I published my debut novel, Betwixt and Between, in 2013 and am currently in the home stretch of novel number two. The muse just hit me the other day and so I might just start working on another novel pretty soon. I have also taught Creative Writing at various state and private universities in New York  City and the surrounding area and I teach The Novel Writing Workshop at The Gotham Writer’s Workshop. In addition I have worked in publishing as an editor and a literary assistant and I now work as a freelance writer and editor as well as an English teacher. My writing and editing plate is pretty full but I love it.